Wellcomm Store Cloud-based (SaaS) Platform


Wellcomm Store is a secure cloud-based (SaaS) platform that allows SME to create and manage his own independent business data. Wellcomm Store turns your entire POS terminal estate into a multifunctional community, so you can now manage more for your business data than you ever have.

    SaaS Retail and e-Commerce Enterprise Solution

    WCT-S8 - Wellcomm Payment System for Omni-channel payment acquisition

    WCT S8 - Inventory System

    WCT S8 - Order Management System

    WCT S8 - Smart Queue System

    Smart CRM system

    “Instant” Service Activation

    No Investment for Server Hardware required

    Zero Customer System Administration

    System can be scaled seamlessly through Cloud architecture

    24x7 Support

The Wellcome Store Cloud-based Platform is a collection of Enterprise Level functions to provide a turnkey solution for retail and e-Commerce operations. It is offered as a cloud-base Software-as-a-Service solution, providing a fast installation and zero administration solution for our customers.


Wellcomm cloud-based platform SAAS Benefits

Software-as-a-Service is the best way for SME to obtain the state-of-the-art management system

    Enable multiple payments & immediately cater to more SME requirements.

    Upgrade merchants to a peace mind management experience at small cost.

    Future-proof for new forms of retail/hotel/restaurant/travel solution.

    Cut down the manpower input, create profit for all SME.

WCT-S8 - Wellcomm Payment System - Omni-channel payment acquisition

    Provide a better service for mobile payment users

    Offer a true omni-channel payment experience to your customers

    Enable QR code payment alongside NFC and Chip & PIN

    Android-based application is open for future opportunities

    omni-channel payment gateway service enables mobile, bank cards and NFC contactless payments

    Multi-channel, Multi-acquirer Platform

    24 x 7 technical support

The Wellcomm Payment System enables acquirers and merchants the easy integration of new and innovative forms of payment. The easy acceptance of payments through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay and Wechat Pay allows consumers to pay for goods and services via their smartphones using QR codes.

The Wellcomm Payment System makes omni-channel payments become reality and ensure that retailers never miss any transactions, thus boosting their sales.

WCT S8 - Inventory System

    Collects Sales Transaction Data and uploads it for data mining

    Frequency Analysis of inventory items based on sales transactions

    Intuitive and easy to use User Interface presents the results in an easy-to-understand graphical representation

    SaaS ensures that you spend your time tuning your sales and not your IT system.

    Allows the concentration of Inventory on fast moving or most profitable items.

The WCT S8 Inventory System allows the better identification of the most popular products in the inventory and enables better and more informed decisions. WCT S8 collects all daily sales transaction data and uploads to the cloud-based platform WCT S8 for processing.

The WCT S8 Inventory System provides an easy-to-use, zero administration tool for better inventory management and the optimization of stock purchases based on past inventory data.

The cloud-based platform with its user-friendly interface and automatic analysis functions makes it easy to get the best data to make smart decisions. Let the numbers talk, never miss an opportunity.

WCT S8 - Order Management System

    interactive user experience for staff and consumers in e-Commerce operations

    painless and simple omni-channel payment transaction through Quick Cashier

    Order fulfillment transactions are collected and uploaded for analysis

    Intuitive and easy to use User Interface presents the results in an easy-to-understand graphical representation

    Improved statistics helps identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the order fulfillment

    Allows the optimization of the order fulfillment process

    Customer and order tracking makes the assembly of consumer profiles possible

    Consumer profiles allow the analysis of the success of marketing campaigns

    Consumer profiles help to better target products and marketing effort

The WCT S8 Order Management System is an Order Management System for e-Commerce businesses. It provides not only the merchant with a rich interactive experience to manage the order tracking and fulfillment of e-Commerce Transactions, also  the consumer has easy access to the status and progress of their orders. This is particularly important for e-Menu or e-Catalogue operations who have to deal with a large number of small transactions on a daily basis.

The WCT Quick Cashier feature connects directly with WCT S8 POS and gives the customer a smooth and painless payment experience using the omni-channel payment system.

The merchant is empowered through analysis of the order data which contains the all-important customer transaction data such as to when, what, who, where, how much and how many items have been spent/ordered. This data can be analyzed with Big Data methods in the cloud-based platform which allows the generation of consumer profiles and helps the merchant to make the correct marketing and inventory decisions. 

WCT - Smart CRM system

    Generation of customer profiles

    Automatic identification and classification of customers based on specific criteria

    Better Customer Understanding through activity tracking

    Better allocation of resources for the most important customers

    Better customer retention and reduced Marketing Cost

    Better matching of customers with products

    Better metrics for marketing success

The Smart CRM system provides the means to manage the customer relationships. Smart CRM tracks customers, usage and purchasing habits.

Auto Member/Customer Classification, an integrated VIP card program allow the generation of targeted lists for marketing activities.  The analysis of the customer base and the identification of A, B, C as well as VIP customers makes it possible to allocate client service resources where they are most beneficial. The Big Data analysis combines the personal data from the Order Management with statistics about consumption, frequency and preferences. This makes it possible to generate customer profiles and valuable insights that help the targeting and success evaluation of marketing completed campaigns. Better information increases business revenue through better customer activation and retention with more suitable products for the customers that count.